Odd Weather This Winter and Spring Made for an Odd Maple Syrup Season

Ann Arbor, Mich. – This Late-Winter and Spring in southern Michigan have been a Hodge-Podge of intertwining runs of warm days and nights and freezing days and nights. Weather like this makes for a interesting maple-sap, or sugarbush, harvesting season.

Ideal conditions for sugarbush are freezing nights followed by above freezing days. “We had one really good week,” said owner of H & H Sugarbush in Chelsea Michigan, Kirk Hedding. “Usually we count on four to five weeks of good weather.”

Hedding explained that because of the size and geography of Michigan harvest seasons very. “Southern Michigan’s season was short and three weeks early, Northern Michigan is having a really good season.” Hedding also explained that in the upper peninsula of Michigan there was a lot of freezing both night and day so their season is starting late.

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These pictures were taken within the same week in mid-February. A time when maple sap generally does not run but ran this year for two weeks.

“We tapped a month early,” said Matthew at Whitney Farms. “We have records going back over 100 years and this is the earliest ever.”

The weather seemed only to affect the


Washtenaw Community College students, John Castro, 17 and Thomas Malley, 18, talk about what the best like about maple syrup and how they use it.




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