Clinton and Trump who win the big prizes, Rubio drops out

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Ann Arbor, Mich. – This Tuesday the big winners of each party are Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. This might have spelt disaster for the rest of the candidates, definitely for Senator Marco Rubio, who dropped out of the race.

The big prize of the night – Florida

Tonight, Florida was the big state to win and the competition, however finite, was fought for hard.

The losses from this state may have defined the rest of the primary. This is especially true for Florida senator Marco Rubio. This loss forced Rubio from the race.

Although Rubio suffered a great loss, he made a surprisingly cheery post-speech.

“After tonight, it is clear that while we are on the right side of this year, we are not on the winning side,” said Rubio to supporters in his speech.

Florida is Rubio’s home state, so he should have been expected to win right? NPR wrote a story that argued how clear a possible Rubio win really is pre-poll results.

“Tonight is everything for Bernie Sanders,” says political activist and commentator, Van Jones on CNN.

Ohio was the one non-standard state

Senator John Kasich won his home state for the Republicans over the favored regular, Trump.

“It’s exactly what I expected,” said a conservative who voted for Ted Cruz in the Michigan primary, Bo Noles about Kasich’s win in Ohio. “Kasich hasn’t done anything to hurt himself but he also hasn’t done anything to help himself.

On the Democratic side Clinton held up the nights standard with a win.

“Ohio was worse than I feared with it being a closed primary,” said a Sanders supporter, Zack Criger, 26, on Sanders loss.

North Carolina, Illinois and Missouri

Clinton and Trump won for their parties in these three states.

For the democrats a Illinois and Missouri, the democratic votes were incredibly close. In Missouri Clinton won by .2 percent. And in Illinois, a state where Clinton grew up, she edged by by a 1.8 percent margin.

For the republican side Trump was a significant winner in all these states except Missouri where he won over Ted Cruz by a narrow .2 percent.

Other fun stuff

Here is a Facebook post by The Hill about what happened when trump won the Illinois primary.


A lightning bolt striking Trump Tower in Chicago was caught on camera at the exact moment Donald Trump was declared winner in the Illinois primary.

Posted by The Hill on Wednesday, March 16, 2016


Here is a discussion of data for the two democratic candidates prior to these primaries.

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