Michigan Primary Results are in: Here is what they Say

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Michigan in 2015, is worth 123 Democratic delegates and 59 Republican delegates, making it a key state for candidate to win. It is also a state who’s primary comes at a key time in the primary process – the results in this state could sway the results in the rest of the primaries.

The big news – Democratic candidate, Bernie Sanders won the Michigan primary in an upset against front runner, Hillary Clinton with a 1.5 percent margin for the Democrats. Donald Trump Crushed his fellow Republican running-mates. He finishing ahead of Ted Cruz, the Texas senator and second place in the primary, by a whopping 11.6 percent.

Michigan Primary Results 

  • Democratic scene – 

Sanders upset of front-runner Clinton has meant a lot for Michigan voter who support Sanders.


“Absolutely Historic – largest upset we’ve seen in a generation,” said Zack Criger, 26, a political science graduate from Wayne State and resident of Ann Arbor who voted for Sanders. Criger attributes much of Sander’s success to the incorporation of people into his candidacy. Criger himself was part of a voluntary grassroots organization out of Ann Arbor who campaigned for Sander’s before there was enough money for paid campaigners.

Criger, who is in touch with U of M students, said that he was moved by how much people showed up to vote, particularly college students who were on break.

“I was really excited that Bernie won. I didn’t expect him to,” said Tierney Isaac, 20, a broadcast arts major who voted for Sanders.


  • Republican scene – 

Trump was widely expected to take the Michigan primary so it was no surprise that he won.

The most interesting part about the republican vote was how well John Kasich did in the state despite his being the least likely candidate to win.

“I don’t think they (Republicans) have an electable Candidate,” said Benjamin Demroy, 30, a voice acting and broadcast arts major who voted for Sanders.

The Primary Climate Leading up to the Michigan Primary

Republican Side –

  • In General 


  • In Michigan 


Democratic Side 

  • In General 

Clinton is winning so far with 59 percent of pledged votes. Sanders follows with 41 percent of pledged votes.

  • In Michigan 

Predictions based on polls leading up to the Michigan primary showed that Clinton and Trump should win.

Twitter is being lit up by pro-Sanders votes with little mention of Clinton.

We were excited for this election knowing that it will go down in history however it turns out. ❤ This election is Big!! We exercised our right ❤ #Michigan #PrimaryElection #Vote #Bernie

Posted by Ashia Erica on Tuesday, March 8, 2016


In other news 

Sorry Trump, Canada is already building a wall:

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